Facebook Basic Tutorial for Beginners

Easy Guide To Using Facebook

Hello and welcome to this quick Facebook basics article.

We are going to go over these three points;

  1. Newsfeed
  2. Profile posting
  3. Logging in and out

Then I’ll talk a little bit about the desktop PC versus notepad versus a smartphone

First of all for the newsfeed and the profile;

What’s the newsfeed? When you are logged into Facebook you default to the newsfeed, you will see the newsfeed as this is where you see posts from other people and you scroll through and see what other people are posting about.

What is the Facebook Profile?

Your profile is your information; If you click on your name you will go to your profile page, it’s also been called your wall or timeline.

Here you can see all the posts that you’ve done, been involved in or tagged in and you can see your photos and all kinds of things there you can also click on the about part and and you can read and update all of your information.

There’s a lot of different information you can put in here, you can see your friends, you can click on the photos page and you can see videos, there’s all kinds of things you can do but the main thing to know is that when you click on your name, then that’s your profile, that’s your information. You can also change your cover photo and your profile picture

To go back to the newsfeed, you click on the home or you click on the Facebook so clicking either one of those will take you back to the newsfeed or it’s also called the timeline – Facebook Timeline

How Do You Post Something on Facebook?

Look for the – ‘what’s on your mind’ phrase. You will see it right on the top of your newsfeed.

All you have to do is put your cursor in there and you can start typing and then you can also add photos, videos, you can do various things here but that’s how you get something on to Facebook

On Facebook your friends can share your posts, make a comment on your post or tag someone on your posts. However if you alter certain security details then you can restrict people sharing, commenting or even tagging others.

Logging In and Out of Facebook

To log out you click the little down arrow and just click logout.  Then to login you just go to facebook.com.

When you login you usually use your email or phone and then your password and you click login.

Some just stay logged in all the time and then they never have to log in or out.

When you’re on your notepad, iPad or any other tablet device or even you’re smartphone you log in the same way or actually you use the Facebook app.

All for now



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