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Epsilon Software Support & Maintenance For Electrical Wholesalers

Epsilon Software Maintenance

& Support Services

01925 320422

First Class software support from the designer of Epsilon namely Gary Graye

Our support hours are 7.30am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday Except Bank Holidays

Call 01925 320422 and lets discuss your requirements.

Epsilon Software Comprises The Following Modules

Epsilon Sales Ledger

Customer Information
Sales Analysis Code
Customer Business Types
Batches sales Invoices
Batched Sales Credit Notes
Enter Sales Receipts
Enter Sales Refunds
Write Off Small Values
Journal Entries

Epsilon Purchase Ledger

Supplier Information
Supplier ISO Ratings Database
Batched Purchase Invoices
Batched Purchase Credit Notes
Purchase Payments
Purchase Refunds
Journal Entries
Remittance Advice Options
Disputed Purchase Invoices

Epsilon Nominal Ledger

Nominal Account Information
Nominal Reporting Codes
Bank Payments
Bank Receipts
Petty Cash Payments
Petty Cash Receipts
Journal Entries
Control Accounts
Bank Reconciliation

Epsilon Stock Control

Stock Information
Stock Categories
Adjust Stock In
Adjust Stock Out
Quarantine Stock In
Quarantine Stock Out
Internal Stock Transfer
Allocate Stock To Order
Bill of Materials
Stock Price Changes
Stock Take Options
Browse Stock Balances

Epsilon Quotations

Create Quotations
Process Quotations

Epsilon Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Entry
Process Sales Orders
Amend Despatches

Epsilon Invoicing / Credit Notes

Invoice Production
Credit Note Production
Update Ledgers

Epsilon Purchase Order processing

Purchase Order Entry
Auto Generate Purchase Orders

Epsilon Debit Notes

Enter Debit Notes
Reason Codes Database

Epsilon System Management

System Parameter Database
User Options
Department Database
Tax Rates Database
Delivery Address Database

Epsilon Software Utilities

Sales Ledger Utilities
Nominal Ledger Utilities
Stock Control Utilities

Epsilon Software Support 01925 320 422

Facebook Basic Tutorial for Beginners

Easy Guide To Using Facebook

Hello and welcome to this quick Facebook basics article.

We are going to go over these three points;

  1. Newsfeed
  2. Profile posting
  3. Logging in and out

Then I’ll talk a little bit about the desktop PC versus notepad versus a smartphone

First of all for the newsfeed and the profile;

What’s the newsfeed? When you are logged into Facebook you default to the newsfeed, you will see the newsfeed as this is where you see posts from other people and you scroll through and see what other people are posting about.

What is the Facebook Profile?

Your profile is your information; If you click on your name you will go to your profile page, it’s also been called your wall or timeline.

Here you can see all the posts that you’ve done, been involved in or tagged in and you can see your photos and all kinds of things there you can also click on the about part and and you can read and update all of your information.

There’s a lot of different information you can put in here, you can see your friends, you can click on the photos page and you can see videos, there’s all kinds of things you can do but the main thing to know is that when you click on your name, then that’s your profile, that’s your information. You can also change your cover photo and your profile picture

To go back to the newsfeed, you click on the home or you click on the Facebook so clicking either one of those will take you back to the newsfeed or it’s also called the timeline – Facebook Timeline

How Do You Post Something on Facebook?

Look for the – ‘what’s on your mind’ phrase. You will see it right on the top of your newsfeed.

All you have to do is put your cursor in there and you can start typing and then you can also add photos, videos, you can do various things here but that’s how you get something on to Facebook

On Facebook your friends can share your posts, make a comment on your post or tag someone on your posts. However if you alter certain security details then you can restrict people sharing, commenting or even tagging others.

Logging In and Out of Facebook

To log out you click the little down arrow and just click logout.  Then to login you just go to

When you login you usually use your email or phone and then your password and you click login.

Some just stay logged in all the time and then they never have to log in or out.

When you’re on your notepad, iPad or any other tablet device or even you’re smartphone you log in the same way or actually you use the Facebook app.

All for now



Current Video Marketing Trends 2018

Video Marketing & Why You Should Include These Trends In Your Business


Hi guys! Hollie here and today we are talking about the top three video marketing trends for 2018!

Okay, but on a serious note, where did 2017 go? This year went by way too fast.

I don’t know what happened. It’s crazy.

Not only has this year gone by really fast, but there have been so many advancements and fads in video marketing trends.

As a video production company, we are lucky enough to experiment and test all the latest trends in the video marketing world.

If you’re not using it in your video strategy… you’re already late.

Hop on board the video train, right now.

Here are three trends for 2018 that would be a solid option when deciding what strategy to take.

First and foremost, going live!

Not only do people get notified when you go live on social media platforms but because it is a form of video, people are already intrigued.

You can go live for a grand opening, a tour of your business, an event or party, announcing a new product or service or even a new employee.

You get to share your ideas and your thoughts with your followers and provide a live look behind the scenes and that’s exactly what your followers want to see.

You and your business in a less invasive tone with a more organic yet authentic message.

Next up is 360 video and VR. This trend has really taken off in 2017 but we expect it to skyrocket this year.

360 video is a choose-your-own-adventure experience.

While watching, you’re in the driver’s seat, and you choose what it is that you want to view and adding in a VR headset… well that combination fully captivates viewers and allows viewers to enter that virtual world.

360-degree video can be used for a wide spectrum of online marketing purposes including taking viewers on a tour of your new office space or establishment and even creating training videos.

Last but not least on our list is animated content.

Animation and motion graphics are booming.

This content is not only exciting and interesting to watch but it’s super informative and keeps viewers locked in, Especially when 80% of the adult population considers themselves visual learners… as we all are.

Animation is an easy way to explain complicated topics, products, services, in just a few minutes.

So 2018 is the year for video, plain and simple.

Now is the time to implement video into your online marketing strategy.

Take a look at a few of our video marketing examples here… and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with our local marketing videos.

If you are thinking about introducing video marketing into your online marketing mix, then why not get in touch and I can show you how you can start attracting new business in a matter of days.

Just get in touch at hollie @ or call on 01925 320422 and we would be more than happy to discuss how video marketing can have a big impact on your business and start your phone ringing.

Find Hashtag counts on Pinterest 📌2018


Pinterest Hashtags

Hollie here and today I have a really quick tip for you here on Pinterest.

Now we know that Pinterest has introduced hashtags, but when they first did this there were some things that were missing.

Like hashtag counts.  We want to know how many times something has been used so that we can see how competitive it is and also look at the hashtag results to see what else is out there.

Like how can we make our content stand out?

So what I’m going to do is just repin something. You can do this whether it’s with a new pin or a repin or an original pin from your site either way as long as you’re doing this in Pinterest.

You know not using a tool like tailwind or something like that this will work so I’ve got this instant pot wild rice soup that I want to pin there’s no descriptions.

I’m gonna definitely go ahead and type a description and then I will come back and show you guys how to do the hashtags.

Now that I have the description typed, I’m gonna go ahead and add some hashtags and what I want to do is just start with my keywords because this is not my own pin and I’m not gonna put a branded hashtag on there.

If it was my own pin I’d put a branded hashtag first and then I’d follow with all of these other keyword hashtags.

But I’m just going to start typing out hashtags and so here I have instant pot.

This is an instant pot soup recipe and it shows me right here the counts a thousand uses for instant pot and only forty three for instant pot love etc

Now these numbers are going to increase as more and more people start using hashtags on Pinterest so if you’re watching this get in early so that you can take advantage of the low competition now.

Not everything has this low competition so I’m going to choose instant pot.

If you just type hashtag you’re gonna see the most popular hashtags show up in this drop-down and these I’ve seen grow exponentially in the last couple months since Pinterest has reintroduced hashtags.

Don’t use these as they’re too competitive.

So just like we have super competitive hashtags on Instagram we’re seeing that here in Pinterest and basically people are just typing hashtag and then clicking all of these and not really being discerning and making sure that they really match the 

So I’d also choose another keyword wild rice and again to 4248 pins and so that’s how you see your hashtag counts on Pinterest and then I would just go ahead and pin this to whatever board is going to be the best one for this pin.

And that’s how you find hashtag counts on Pinterest and how you can choose them for your posts.

I hope that you enjoyed this example and if you think it would be helpful to one of your friends then I would love it if you hit that share button and share it with them thanks so much for reading.

Our Web Designers Chill Area

I thought I’d share an image from the chill out are when out team re-energise themselves.  I

t’s usually quite messy so we thought it appropriate to tidy it up before we posted the image.

web design Warrington chill out

Web development company Warrington